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Photography is all about the light
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Recent Landscape Photography Work

The images below are some of my most recent edits. This is continually being added to, with the most recent photographs at the top of the page. 

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  • Foggy Sunrise at Mer Bleue Conservation

    The fog was rising from the peat bog as the sun started to come up and warm the ground. This is a 60 photo panoramic image taken with a Nikon D800e 37mp camera. This will print wonderfully crisp and sharp on a 7' wide image on HD Metal.

  • A great one has fallen in Colorado

    A lovely old tree has fallen in the Colorado Rockies. I spent some wonderful time in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado back in 2017. What wonderful memories. This scene is printed on HD Metal, 40" x 60".

  • Rustic Farmers Fence at Winter Sunrise

    Taken early in the morning during the holiday season break, this sunrise was wonderful. It was very quiet in the field, no coyotes in the area on this morning. (Often I have seen coyotes in the field in the distance at this time of morning searching for food) The wonderful colours of the morning sunrise were short lived, since the gap in the clouds was narrow, but I managed to get a shot in, so I'm happy with the way the morning started off.

  • Farmers Fence Christmas Day Snow

    Taken late in the day just before sunset on Christmas Day 2021. Early in the morning we had freezing rain and freezing drizzle, but late in the day it switched over to some nice big snow flakes for a few minutes. Unfortunately the snow didn't last long, and then it was too dark to continue shooting. I'm happy that I decided to go out and see if I could find something to shoot though. 48" x 36"

  • Meech Lake Blue Hour

    I decided to share the orgiinal scene in all of it's blue hour glory, after first sharing the Black and White edit of it. Being a winter scene, there is a lot of blue and white tones, though it was more dramatic as a black and white scene, with the mist rising up off of the water on the open water, I also love the original scene with it's blue hour tones. This scene is available as part of my Singature Series on both Metal HD or Acrylic. Please contact me for more information. This print is 58" x 37.

  • Meech Lake Blue Hour in Black and White

    I took what was a nice Blue hour shot and decided to process it as a high contract black and white shot to give it more pop. I really wanted to bring out the contrast. Being a winter scene, there was a lot of blue and white tones, but thought it was more dramatic as a black and white scnee, with the mist rising up off of the water on the open water. This scene is available as part of my Singature Series on both Metal HD or Acrylic. Please contact me for more information. This print is 58" x 37.

  • Sunrise at Alabama Hills - Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

    I was lucky enough to travel to Death Valley to take part in a photography workshop in December of 2019. Little did I realize at the time that I was about to come home and go into a "COVID lockdown" with the rest of the world for a couple of years. I had a wonderful time capturing some amazing scenery such as this extra large panoramic image in Alabama Hills, with the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in the background. This is a combination of roughly 100 high resolution images that have been stitched together on my computer once I was back home in Canada. The native full resolution of this image is 120" x 49". I have just finished editing this image for my signature series of panoramic images and it has been sent off to my printer in Toronto to print it at a physical size of 90" x 36" on high gloss HD Metal. Please contact me if you are interesting in purchasing this or any of my other signature series prints.

  • Fall Rhapsody over the Rideau Canal

    Looking down the historic Rideau Canal waterway towards downtown Ottawa, Chateau Laurier hotel and Parliament Hill. This is a large panoramic image, stitched together from 30 individual high resolution images. As the sun has set, and the canal lights have just been turned on, I captured the image, as the pathway lights make the remaining fall leaves on the trees really stand out.

  • Fall Leaves with Birch Trees in Mer Bleue

    After a stunning sunrise over the peat moss bog in Mer Bleue, I wandered into the forest area at Mer Bleue conservation area. I came across a nice bundle of Birch trees with some peeling bark along with some wonderful bright yellow fall leaves in the surrounding forest area. Ths is an extra large panoramic image, 87" wide x 35" tall.

  • Fall Sunrise over Mer Bleue Bog

    The clouds were just stunning this morning, catching the glow of the early morning sunrise over the peat moss bog at Mer Bleue conservation area just east of Ottawa. This is a large panoramic image, comprised of 50 images stitched together to make this large format print. At it's native resolution, this image will print at 35" wide x 37" tall.

  • Fortune Lake to Dunlop Picnic Falls

    Gatineau park is such an amazing greenspace within a stones throw of Ottawa city. The start of Fall Rhapsody in Gatineau Park has begun. I enjoyed a wonderful, albeit very wet day today in the park. With the rain, it kept the crowds at bay, but it is still a bit early as the colors are just starting to show here and there. I’ll be out looking for fall colors steady now until the leaves have all disappeared. This composition is a large multi row and column panoramic image of the falls at Dunlop Picnic Area.

  • Arrowhead Provincial Park Falls

    This is a multi row, multi column panoramic image. Two rows of five images were combined to create this single high resolution image of the walkway over the river just before the falls. This is a 3.5k loop hike within the Arrowhead provincial park. It's flat and easy to hike.

  • As the Sky starts to pop

    I had a wonderful birthday evening out catching sunset. Pinks, purples, and greens started the show as the setting sun gave way to a wonderful flurry of beauty in the clouds above. This was taken on September 1, and is a multi row, multi column panoramic image. 15,500px x 11,500px. Prints are available in all sizes. HD Metal prints are also now available for select images.

  • Pink Clouds over Mer Bleue

    What better way to spend my birthday evening than out photographing in one of my favourite local locations, Mer Bleue Conservation Area. The pink highlights in the sky didn't last long but I was happy that I did manage to capture them along with the highlights across the bog from the setting sun.

  • Stormy Barn in Farm Corn field

    This summer (2021), while on my way to Grand Bend Ontario, I passed along this nice looking barn in a famers corn field. The stormy clpouds were forming and the rain was coming towards me as I pulled over onto the side of the road to capture the view. I am a sucker for nice stormy clouds, the lone trees, and a barn nestled in the corn field. All of the right ingredients for fine art landscape photography.

  • Rolling on Through

    I captured this scene during the golden hour this past Sunday evening. It’s been quite a while since I had the motivation to get out and do some photography. It felt great to get out and capture this scene. Once all of the individual images were stitched together to create this, it turned out to be a 60” x 40” image. The water was flowing really quickly, as it had been raining pretty hard all day. With so much mist in the air it created the sun glow at the top of the scene. I’m really happy with the way this turned out. #landscapephotography #beautifuldestinations #hike #photography #photooftheday #art #artistsoninstagram #artgallery #artgram #naturephotography #homedecor #wallart #fineartphotography #fineart #ragingriver #spring2021 #natgeolandscape #travelphotography #ontariotravel #nikonphotography #nikon #kasefilters #ambassador #oaggao

  • Little Hidden Lake - In a Snow Storm

    Taken during a brief snow storm, this is a hidden little gem in Carp. I found this lake and trail a few years ago, then had a really hard time finding it again. This is a large panoramic image, with a native print size of 68" x 34.5" this will fill any wall you might want this beauty displayed on.

  • Cotton Candy Sunset over the Ottawa River

    Fresh out of the camera from this evening, It's Friday night ... COVID-19 restrictions are suffocating for many, but within all of the struggles, a wonderful show from Mother Nature was on display tonight. It was a wonderful late summerlike evening, who knew we would be so lucky as to get such a nice heatwave in November. I think it peaked at 18 or 19 degrees Celsius ... wonderful! Stay safe everyone, and find things that make you happy and enjoy them when the opportunity arises!

  • Fall Morning Sun Burst In The Forest

    I love that sunrise is getting later and later in the mornings now that fall is here. I don't have to get up at some ungodly hour to get out and enjoy a beautiful sunrise. This very large panoramic I captured in a planted forest very near to my home. I've driven by it so many times, I'm glad I finally went to check it out this morning. Caught the sun getting diffused just nicely between the trees, alowing me to capture the sun in it's full intensity with a nice sunburst.

  • Dunlop Picnic area low flow falls

    fall colors are peaking, not much water flowing, haven't had a lot of rain the past few days, but that has helped to ensure the leaves stay on the trees, so all good!

  • Dunlop Picnic Area Falls - Slippery? Check!

    It was such a wonderfully warm day today. Thunderstorm warnings all day, but we were lucky and it stayed north of Ottawa and Parc de la Gatineau. The sun had set and I was on my way back down when I deciced I would stop in and check out the falls. Ok, not much water flowing these days, The colors are amazing, I think I will go back here again for sunrise tomorrow. I slipped on the damp rocks trying to get this shot, still managed to get the shot, but gonna have a nice bruise on my arm from this one ... lol.

  • Ottawa Greenbelt Walkway During a Fall Sunrise

    Early morning walk through the trails on a warm fall morning. The sun was at my back as I set up to capture this scene. Every now and then a leaf would fall from the branches and land in the pathware in front of me. It was a very peaceful morning, with Bluejays singing in the forest.

  • Peaceful Fall Sunrise in Mer Bleue Bog Boardwalk Trail

    Early fall, colors are just starting to transition. COVID rules are in place, one way traffic flow through the trails to limit exposure for all visitors to the conservation area.

  • Dare to be Different

    Daring to be different ICM - Intentional Camera Movement ... This capture is a blend of two different images taken at the same location and time. One of the shots was moved vertically to create the blurred movement within the scene, while the other shot was taken normally, fully in focus and sharp and crisp. When back at home, I took both photos into Photoshop and using some layer masks, slowly blended the two images together mamking a composite image blending the two scenes together to make one unique image.

  • Desolate Road to the Hills

    While out in California attending a photography workshop being run by Joseph Rossbach, I was wandering around looking for looking for interesting scenes, I became interested and focused on this desolate road. While the workshop group was there photographing only one car drove by in the two hours that we were there.

  • Foggy Fall Boardwalk - Mer Bleue

    Another outstanding morning in the dead of fall at Mer Bleue Conservation Area. There wasn't a whisper of a wind on this morning, so the fog was sitting still down in the valley over the bog. Because of the composition of the bog, it's almost always foggy in the morning in the fall. Great for me to be able to capture! It's also an interesting scene due to the strong orange-red colour in the foliage on the bog. It won't be long now before the snow starts flying.

  • Busy Beavers on a Foggy Fall Morning

    There is nothing quite like a beautiful crisp fall morning at Mer Bleue with a low hanging layer of fog over the bog. This scene is made that much more special because of the three beavers that were busy building their den for the winter.

  • Stormy Foggy Morning at Mer Bleue

    Another extra-large panoramic stitch. This image is now just under 2gb in size. I had to reduce it's size to get it to display in Lightroom. This scene is meant to be printed at 80" wide by 44" tall.

  • Fall Rhapsody - Mer Bleue Conservation

    Taken at sunrise on a foggy fall morning, this section fo the Mer Bleeu trail, is a wonderful spot to stop and let the little chickadee's sit and eat feed from the palm of your hand. This scene has been composed from 180 individual photos to create a supersized "4K' type quality print. At 4k like resolution, this will print at 100" wide and 38.5" tall.

  • Strike on the hill

    While visiting with my family in Kamloops, a storm came up ovr the hill behind us, so I jumped in my car and headed out to see if I could get lucky and catch a lightning strike ... Yay! Got one!!

  • Little Islands along Ottawa River

    Taken just before blue hour over the Ottawa River, looking down off of the bridge. This is a multi column panoramic image. It had been quite stormy late in the afternoon, which made for some nice clouds. Unfortunately the clouds were a bit too thick on the horizon, so there didn't end up being much color in the sky at sunset.

  • Happiness is ... Hiking into the Backcountry for Blue Hour

    After capturing a few different versions of the sky during blue hour, it was time to hike back out. It was long after dark with no moon, so I needed to put on my headlamp. While I was hiking back out, I couldn't help but notice how the fresh snow was sparkling as my headlamp lit it up... Wonderful and Serene ...

  • Heavy Winds - Snow Squal - Sunset | Triple Hit

    I was battling all of the odds trying to capture this shot. My tripod leg broke off again after trying to fix it temporarily while I wait for a replacement part. But, determined as usual, I trekked on through the deep wind blown snowdrifts determined to get a couple of shots on this Sunday afternoon. The winds were strong and I was hoping for some shots of the snow blowing across the Ottawa river as the sun set with good sunset colours. I got lucky, with the sun just as it was hitting the horizon, the snowdrift in front of me lit up beautifully.

  • Incoming Snow Squall - Get Ready ...

    Snowshoeing out at Petrie Island just before the snow squal hit. I was loving how the sunshine just before sunset during the golden hour was lighting up the fast moving clouds.

  • Cattle Corral at Blue Hour in -30 ... Brrrr

    I decided to go and check out one of my favourite little spots, a small cattle corral south of Ottawa where I live. The winds were blowing pretty strongly creating a wind chill of -30. The snow storm was just coming to an end and with the winds over the past 36 hours combined with light fluffy fresh snow I found what I was looking for, some nice lines in the fresh snow. This is a two row, nine column panoramic image. After stitching the resulting sixty images together, this is now a whopping 165MP image.

  • Early Morning Golden Goodness at Mer Bleue I

    This scene is a very high resolution multi-column and multi-row panoramic image made up from a total of 90 images. The high clouds were moving quickly. Within about 5 minutes, the sun was hidden behind the clouds enough that the effect on the cattails was gone. In the end I'm very happy I managed to capture a couple of great shots in one morning. Lately I have been going out and not even taking the camera out of the bag. This morning was a treat!

  • Early Morning Golden Goodness at Mer Bleue II

    It's so nice to be able to sleep in (relatively speaking), and still have more than enough time to get out to capture blue hour before sunrise, and we fully prepared for the golden hour when it arrives. The ice was nice and thick this morning when I went for a hike out in Mer Bleue. I set the tripod down a little bit lower to be able to soften the bright morning sun, with the bullrushes.

  • Getting Close to the Edge - Ottawa River, Ottawa, ON

    I'm always looking for new and interesting locations around Ottawa to capture. This was taken just before sunset on a cool December evening looking away from the sunset to capture the alpen glow in the sky. I really liked how the ice was very thin around the bolder in the river, and how the ice disappeared towards the island allowing for some nice reflections from the bare trees on the island in the middle of the river.

  • A Very Stormy Afternoon on the Boardwalk in Mer Bleue Conservation

    A severe thunderstorm has just passed with some strong winds and rain. The time is late afternoon, and the glow from the sun as it gets closer to sunset is appearing in the west.